It's simple ! It will take you 2 minutes to book your bus ticket.
  • Specify your departure city, destination and departure date in the search bar.
  • Choose the offer that suits you and book your ticket.
  • Pay by your credit card or cash and keep your ticket code for boarding.
  • Introduce yourself about fifteen minutes before the departure time, board and travel with confidence.

markoub is a ticket vendor, authorized by all couch bus companies that you can find on the website When you confirm your seat booking, we send an email to the concerned bus operator, containing your ticket code and other details, in order to ensure the availability of your seat by our partners.

No, we do not add any fees to your ticket. Our service is 100% Free. We promise you that.

No additional fees related to your booking will be required. However, some companies may ask you to pay a fee if you have luggage.

After you finish booking, you will be asked to pay for your ticket. You can choose between paying with your credit card or cash at any CashPlus, Fawatir or DAMANE Cash branch nearby. Our website accepts all kinds of credit cards (Visa, Electron, CMI, MasterCard, and JCB). You will be charged in Dirham.

Now on, there is no limit of bookings. However, the number can be limited to the seat availabilities on the buses of the day.

Ex. The operator X has only five seats left, while the operator Y has four seats left only. In this case, you cannot book more than five seats on the operator X bus.

On, booking a ticket and using it for traveling are two different things. You can buy a ticket using your credit card and give it to another person to use. You only need to give them the ticket code so they can board. We do not ask for IDs.

No, you do not need to print it. However, you have to save the important info about your travel in order to board your bus and avoid problems like not receiving an SMS or an email due to networking problems…

The following information, circled in red are important to note in a memo before closing our website after your booking:

P.S: If you find it important, you can print it, or save it as PDF file for further use by clicking on the “Print This Page” button.

You can cancel your trip up to 3 hours before the departure time.

If you want to cancel your ticket and get a refund, 20% fee of your reservation price apply.

Please note that CTM bus tickets are not cancellable, in accordance with the CTM sales policy.

It is possible that you will not receive an SMS after completing your booking process. In this case, you can check your email inbox in order to recover your traveling ticket details that are important for your trip (As circled in red in the following picture)

In addition, you can come back on the website after saving your ticket’s code, at any time to get your trip details using the following steps:

Click on “Print Ticket” > Enter the ticket’s code > Search

A new page will open in order to give you the details you need for a successful boarding and a sweet traveling experience.

We added a Google Maps link on the booking confirmation page in order to guide you to your boarding point. You can easily click on “See Map” and get directions to the exact boarding address.

You can book as many seats as you like in a bus. Nevertheless, if the availabilities do not fit with the number of people in your group, you can contact us on

Unfortunately, buses have a time schedule to respect, as put by the state authorities in all agreements and authorizations given to the bus operators.

In fact, we advise you to come at least fifteen minutes before boarding time in order to complete your registry procedure and boarding on time.

If you have a Promo code or a coupon, you can paste it in the price details board as shown in the following picture:

Please consider the fact that all coupons has an expiration date. Make sure your coupon is valid before using it to benefit from the promotion. app is available on Play Store. For the moment, it is being developed by our team to deliver a superb application for booking bus tickets. Nevertheless, our website will guarantee you a pleasant experience on your mobile phone.

To contact us send an email to: Or a message on our Facebook page: