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• Our Mission: Make your life easy

We present to you our commitment to simplify and enhance your daily life through our innovative services and solutions. Discover how we strive to make every interaction with our company more enjoyable and efficient, and how our mission guides our daily work to build a better future together.

It is to help you find the right conditions for your trip.

We are aware of all the difficulties and obstacles you face every day when you want to visit your family, friends, or even for your business trips. We are here to make your life easier! We have the ambition to create a little paradise for you, a world where buying and booking your travel ticket takes just two clicks!

Our sense of commitment, our passion, our innovations, our teams, our means... everything is mobilized to satisfy you and to enable you to live the customer experience you deserve! We give you access to innovative means, thanks to our latest technologies, and create a world that is accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the immediate availability of our services, say goodbye to long waits and the disorganization you experience when purchasing your ticket at the station!

• Our Vision: More transparency, much more security!

We unveil the ambition that drives and guides our path towards the future. Our vision serves as a lighthouse, illuminating the way to achieve our goals and fulfill our full potential.

We completely understand your suffering.

For a long time, bus passengers in Morocco have had to deal with issues of safety, scams, theft, lies, false promises... No one had the courage to create a solution to address all these challenges...

What we promise you is:

  • • More transparency: Clearer, faster, up-to-date, and most importantly, reliable information!
  • • More security: Transactions carried out in real-time, at the best prices...
  • • Speed and efficiency: Transactions you can conduct from home, with complete security!

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• Our Values: Honor - Efficiency - Sriwliwlat

We invite you to discover the essential principles that define our identity and shape our vision. By sharing them with you, we not only aim to strengthen trust and mutual understanding but also provide you with an insight into what motivates us to strive for excellence every day.


Honesty - المعقول

It represents a commitment to act with integrity, transparency, and authenticity in all interactions. Honesty strengthens trust among team members, clients, and partners and helps create a strong corporate culture where truth and ethics are at the core of every decision. By practicing honesty, the organization strives to maintain a positive reputation and foster lasting relationships based on respect and mutual trust.


Efficiency - الحداكة

This value encourages members of the organization to work intelligently, with an emphasis on quality and productivity. Efficiency also involves a willingness to adapt and learn, in order to continuously improve the organization's performance.


Sriwliwlat - السريوليولات

It (apparently (⚆_⚆)) represents a creative and playful approach to solving complex issues, while evoking a touch of wonder. This value encourages innovation and team spirit, inviting to push the boundaries and turn the ordinary into extraordinary. In short, "sriwliwlat" is the spark that transcends daily experience and inspires to reach new heights.

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