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The best way to book and plan your trip from home. allows you to search, compare, book and pay online for bus tickets from a large number of bus operators in Morocco, in 2 minutes.

Your bus station will follow you everywhere!

On you can :





It's to help you find the right travel conditions that you like the most.

We are aware of all the problems and obstacles that you consider everyday, visiting family, friends, or even your business. We are here to make your life easier. We create a paradise for you, a world where buying and booking your travel ticket is done in two clicks

Our sense of commitment, our passion, our innovation, our teams, our capital ... are all here to help you flourish, to give you the experience you deserve, by giving you innovative means, thanks to the technology of today, and you create a world accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

In addition to our immediate availability, we offer you a service at home, no waiting online, less wasted time by booking your ticket directly in the station!

We understand perfectly your suffering

Historically, Bus customers in Morocco have had to deal with security issues; scam, theft, lies, false promises ... Nobody had the courage to create a solution to face all these obstacles ..

We promise you :

  • More transparency: Clearer, faster, more up-to-date and reliable information.
  • More security: Real-time transactions, better prices ...
  • Speed ​​and efficiency: Make your transactions from home, safely!
Do not wait, your seat is waiting for you!

Book your ticket safely, with our solution!
Very easy, very practical!

Step 1 :
  1. Enter the city of departure, the city of arrival
  2. Enter the date
  3. Click on "Search"

Step 2 :
  1. Choose your trip according to departure and arrival times, prices and equipment.
  2. Click on "see seats" to continue

Step 3 :
  1. Choose your seat and click on "Book"

Step 4 :
  1. Enter your E-mail and Phone number
  2. Choose the payment method that suits you from the ones available (bank card or cash)
  3. Read and accept the general conditions of sale
  4. Click on "Confirm"

Step 5 :
  1. Enter your bank details
  2. Click on "Pay Now"

Step 6 :
  1. Receive your ticket code (s) by e-mail and sms
  2. Present yourself at the starting address with your ticket(s) code

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