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Terms and Conditions of Use

Guidelines that govern the use of our platform, to ensure that you have a pleasant and secure experience when planning your bus trip.

Welcome to our General Terms of Use page. These terms and conditions govern the access and use of our platform, as well as the services provided. We invite you to read this document carefully to understand the rights and obligations of users and our company.

Article 1: The object

These terms of use aim to define:

  • the contractual relationships between the Data Controller and any natural or legal person wishing to make a bus transport reservation, followed or not by the purchase of a transport ticket (hereinafter referred to as the "User") via the Site, as well as
  • the conditions applicable to any reservations and purchases made through the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms of Use").

The User acknowledges that validating a bus transport reservation through the Site implies unconditional acceptance of these General Terms of Use, recognition of having full knowledge of them, and waiving the right to invoke their own purchasing conditions, if any.

Before making any reservation, the User declares that they have the legal capacity to enter into commitments under these General Terms of Use and that the intended reservation and purchase are limited to strictly personal use.

In order to comply with any new regulations or to improve the use of the Site, the Data Controller reserves the right to modify, at any time and at its sole discretion, the General Terms of Use available online. Therefore, any changes to the General Terms of Use will be binding on the User and the Carrier on the date the User's reservation is validated, without any other formality required of the Data Controller.

Article 2: Transportation Offers

The transport offers presented on the website correspond to bus journeys as described on the website and within the limits of available seats. Bus companies may update the offers presented on the website as needed. It is understood that the applicable price will be the one in effect on the day of reservation validation.

Article 3: Transportation Prices

The transport prices displayed on the website are in Moroccan Dirhams (MAD), all taxes included (TTC), taking into account the applicable VAT on the day of reservation validation. Any change in the VAT rate may be reflected in the transport prices.

Item 4: Transportation Booking

To reserve a transport offer, the User must select the offer on the website that matches their chosen criteria.

A summary of the reservation will be sent to the User, indicating the price of the transport ticket. After verification, the User must confirm the reservation details, provided they have previously accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

All selected information and the reservation validation recorded by the Data Controller will serve as proof of the transaction, so once validated, the reservation cannot be modified by the User.

Before booking their transport ticket, the user can also create an account on the website. The account creation section is accessible directly from the side menu bar. During each visit, if the User wishes to make a reservation or access their account, they must log in using this information. Each user can request the closure of their account at any time by notifying us through the [] section. The user will be promptly informed by email of the confirmation of the closure of their account.

In case of difficulties encountered in the reservation process, the User can contact the Data Controller either by mail at the following address: [8, Av. Abou Faris Al Marini, Rabat 10210, Morocco]; or by email at the following address: []; or by phone at [+212 (0) 5 3000 3000].

Item 5: Payment methods and booking confirmation

The reservation of the transport ticket, validated by the User, will only be final after the payment of its price and will then be confirmed by the Data Controller by sending an e-mail. Payment must necessarily occur before the closing of sales for the relevant transport; otherwise, the reservation will not be confirmed and will therefore not be taken into account.

The User can proceed with the payment of the transport ticket according to the following terms:

  • Payment through the "partner money transfer network"The user can visit authorized points of sale within the "partner money transfer network," with the reference of their pre-booking, to make the payment in cash. In exchange for the payment, the authorized point of sale will provide the user with a payment receipt. The Data Controller will confirm the user's reservation by sending an e-mail.
  • Secure online payment through [Interbank Card Center]After confirming their reservation, the User will be redirected to the secure [CMI] interface to securely enter their banking details. If the payment is accepted, the order becomes final and will be confirmed to the User by the data controller by sending an e-mail, which serves as a transport ticket.
    In case of fraudulent use of banking references for the purchase of a transport ticket, it should be noted that the data controller will not be able to transmit the identity of the traveler to the relevant banking institution via CMI, as the Carrier does not process this information when accessing the vehicle.

Subject to the exercise of their right of withdrawal, the User cannot request the cancellation of a reservation for any reason once it has been confirmed by the Data Controller.

Article 6: The user's right of withdrawal

In accordance with Law No. 31-08 promulgated by Dahir No. 1-11-03 dated February 18, 2011, and related to consumer protection ("Consumer Protection Law"), every User who has purchased a transport ticket from the Site can exercise their right of withdrawal within a period of 7 (seven) clear days from the validation of the reservation, without having to justify any reason or be liable for any compensation or penalty. However, this right of withdrawal cannot be exercised once the User has already used the transport ticket or after the date of the reserved transport service.

The terms and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must, before the expiration of the 7-day period, contact's customer service and express their intention to withdraw.

However, this right of withdrawal cannot be exercised once the User has already used the said transport ticket or after the date of the reserved transport.

The cancellation of the transport ticket resulting from the aforementioned right of withdrawal will result in a refund no later than 15 (fifteen) days from the date on which this right was exercised.

According to our cancellation policy, you have the option to cancel your trip up to 3 hours before your departure time. However, please note that CTM, Supratours, SAT and Ghazala Trans bus tickets are non-refundable, following CTM's sales and Supratours' sales policy. ici.

If you decide to cancel your ticket and request a refund, please be aware that a cancellation fee of 20% of the ticket price will be applied.

Article 7: Access to transportation

Only users with a valid ticket issued by authorized points of sale or a confirmed reservation by the data controller via e-mail will be allowed to board the buses.

In case of overbooking, the Carrier will offer the User a replacement seat as soon as possible and under conditions similar to those originally reserved by the User, at no additional cost to the User.

All travelers making a purchase of their tickets on the platform are required to have valid and acceptable identification documents with them during their journeys, as per Moroccan authorities' requirements.

Any violation of Moroccan regulations is the responsibility of the passenger, who will not be eligible for a refund or ticket modification from

Article 8: Responsibility of the Processing Manager

The Data Controller is only bound by an obligation of means, and therefore, their liability cannot be engaged in case of any request, complaint, or claim of any kind from any User for damage resulting from the use of the Internet network, such as data loss, intrusion, virus, service interruption, or other issues related to the use of the Site that are not inherent to a fault of the Data Controller.

Furthermore, since the Site serves solely as an interface between the Carrier and the User, the Data Controller cannot be held responsible for any incidents or damages of any kind that occur during the transport of Users by Carriers.

Article 9: Intellectual Property

All elements of the website are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the Data Controller, both in its presentation and content, including its graphic design, text, images, data, the "markoub" brand, and website logo, protected by the provisions of Law No. 17-97 on industrial property, promulgated by Dahir 1-00-19 dated February 15, 2000, as supplemented and amended by Law 31-05, and the provisions of Law No. 2-00 on copyright, promulgated by Dahir No. 1-00-20 dated February 15, 2000, as amended and supplemented by the law of February 14, 2006.

Therefore, it is prohibited for any user to download, display, reproduce, copy, modify, transmit, exploit, or use in any way, even partially, any elements of the Site, whatever they may be.

Article 10: Users personal data

10.1 - In order to reserve their transport ticket and make payment, the User expressly and without reservation agrees to transmit the following personal data via the Site: first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, and banking information. The User undertakes that this data is accurate and verifies their identity (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data").

All Personal Data is protected in accordance with applicable regulations and will be processed exclusively within the framework of the Site. In this regard, the User expressly agrees that the Data Controller may transmit to the Carrier responsible for the User's booked trip, as well as to the online payment service and the financial institutions responsible for the commercial transaction, the Personal Data necessary for the execution of the User's reserved transport and the corresponding financial transaction.

To ensure the perfect compliance of these data, the Data Controller has made the necessary prior declarations to the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP), registered on the [______] under the n° [___________].

All personal data of each User is stored in the best conditions of security and confidentiality with the technical services of the Data Controller.

The User's Personal Data will be stored using Cookies; however, the User can expressly refuse the use of cookies by checking the box. [Leave the website].

10.2 - In accordance with the provisions of Dahir n°1-09-15 of February 18, 2009, promulgating Law n°09-08 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and its implementing decree n° 2-09-165 of June 18, 2009, every User has the right to access, modify, rectify, and delete the Personal Data concerning them. To exercise this right, the User can directly access their personal account and/or send a request to the technical department by visiting the Site, in the [] section.

10.3 - The User can also authorize the Data Controller to send them promotional offers from the Transporters via email, explicitly and unambiguously by checking the [I have read and accept the general terms and conditions of sale] section. The User can also unsubscribe from receiving these promotional offers at any time by sending a message to the following address [].

10.4 - The User acknowledges that they are informed and accept that the Data Controller will keep their Personal Data for the duration necessary to complete the reserved trip and the related banking transaction, as well as for the duration of the opening of their account if applicable.

Article 11: Guarantees of security and continuity of the service

The data controller has implemented all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the secure use of the Site, including preventing Personal Data from being distorted, damaged, destroyed, or lost accidentally, or from being accessed or disclosed by unauthorized third parties, as well as, in general, any other form of unlawful processing of this data.

The data controller undertakes to make its best efforts to keep its Site accessible. However, the User acknowledges that interruptions of the Site may occur accidentally or due to network saturation, or for the purpose of maintenance or updating of the Site, and it is specified that no interruption, whatever its nature, shall give rise to compensation.

Article 12: Dispute resolution

The present Conditions of Use are subject to Moroccan law, in the event of a dispute and a failure to resolve amicably, the Commercial Tribunal of [Rabat] will be the sole competent.